I couldn't help it. Vol.2

It's been almost a week since I came back from Nagoya, Japan but I still have been in Tegomasu mood! XD I wish their tour will end happily, successfully and peacefully and PLEASE RELEASE DVD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! XD

The song that made me feel impressed the most was when they sang 'Chu chu chu'~♥ It is because they taught us a dance routine for the chorus part. :D It went something like this....

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And as I mentioned in the previous entry, here they are! ^^
Please feel free to share / repost / redistribute or whatever you want to but
Credit is not necessary at all. Thank you!
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PS It's all Massu's fault! He is so mabushi that I need his header! LOL~

I couldn't help it. Vol.1

A couple days ago, I went to Tegomasu concert in Nagoya. I had a night stay in Tokyo so I went to Johnny's shop to buy some photos. Actually I bought all sets of Tegomasu PV shop and Pamphlet shop photos.

I could scan the PV sets today. I will scan the pamphlet sets with in this week. And of course, I will update about my trip there too.

Just feel free to take if you'd like to. :D
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Tegomasu are now safe with me!

Yesterday I was so happy to see a package from CDJapan at my mailbox. It should be Tegomasu no Ai CD only! But sadly, it turned out to be my friend's, not mine. XD

I thought I would call the post today to check the delivery for my CDs. But the post sent me a note this morning. I was required to pay added custom fee which is about 14$US for my CDs delivery from CDJapan.

I know when ordering stuff, especially CDs or DVDs, from CDJapan, you sometimes have to pay the added custom fee depending on the weight of the stuff and of course your luck! Luck was not on my side this time. They got me paid for the fee and this is my first time to be charged on that.

I planned to do the scan thing when I get the copies and I did it! :D 
I tried my best to merge some pages but I know that I'm not an expert on photoshop so please accept my apology in advance for any mistakes ne.

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There are a lot of funny things out there.

I wanted to say that I love Friday a lot! But it's too late to say that because it is Saturday now here. yay~! XD
I think I'm happy now. I had been waiting for weekend since last Monday! XD

In short, I have PV Sakura Girl to share. :D
I'm in heaven now. NEWS HD file finally has been shared.

[PV] NEWS - Sakura Girl (1440x1080)
File size : 596.46mb
Credit : jpopsuki

MF  >>> 001 ** 002 ** 003 ** 004 ** 005 ** 006

I think there is something wrong with part 3 and part 6. Someone couldn't download them so I re-uploaded them. Hope it works. :D
Here are the mirrors;
part 3 >>> MF or SS
part 6 >>> MF or SS

P.S. To my lovely f-lists, I'm going to catch up you guys tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

Alice in Wonderland or Tegoshi in Visual Book?

My best friend showed me the pic of Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge Visual Book she got a couple days ago so I strongly forced her to let me borrow that book. Noooooooo~ That was I thought I would do but actually, I gently asked her if I could borrow the book in order to scan all the pages. XD She was so generous saying "Sure, go ahead scanning & sharing!" (>.<)

And I did it!! Entire book!! XD Really can't wait for my copy! (>.<)

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I need more time~

I hoped it was not too late but finally it is. T_T What the??? I'm sorry but all I can do is just....

 HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Ryo-chan!

Finished dl Diamond DVD but no time to watch it all. Poor me! T_T

From here, Tegoshi is the 28th Male Celebrity from which you would like to get hugged from behind. Can I make a vote? HE SHOULD BE THE NO.1! XDD

And Massu's PV Superman is my most played. :D I don't wanna tell how many times it played as the record is not ending. XD


Why time flies so fast?

Today is Sunday and I did not do anything I planned to do at all. What a failure! I continued reading in the morning and then went online for a while. That made me stuck as I found something interesting. They are the old Ya-Ya-yah files! :D I've been watching them in the afternoon until now. XD There are a lot I haven't downloaded yet. Oh! I wanna die. The internet connection is so perfect in the early morning so I have to keep on downloading it. Ganbatte~!! XD

I know you guys have watched this but I think this episode is so hilarious as they did a cosplay punishment. It was my episode of the day. It turned out like this. XD

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What a wonderful day this would be ^^


My waiting has ended today. I got Dream Boys Pamphlet, photos & poster with me now. ^^
The pamphlet is so huge. It's bigger than I expected. XD The quality is good and I think it's worth buying it.

I think someone has already shared the pamphlet scan and my scanner is a little smaller than it. So what I can do is just share the photos with happy dimensions and no watermarks. :D
Sorry, I bought only Tegoshi and Group. :P
Dozou~ (>.<)
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Dream Boys~!!

I'm going outside but I really can't help! I'm always frail when it comes to Tegoshi. XDD

It's just only the cover of Look Star 2009.11. Hope someone kind would share more on this mag. ^^

(click to enlarge)

Credit : mazarine
Thanks to Kwang55@popcornfor2~♥

Oh~ please, I'm really really looking forward to Dream Boys Pamphlet. *tell myself to be more patient* XDD